Norwich Bar Billiards

Welcome to Norwich Bar Billiards League

"It's Meant To Be Fun!"

The Norwich Bar Billiards coat of arms and motto 'in pilis vertias'The Norwich Bar Billiards League is made up of 14 teams split in to two divisons based around 8 venues. The matches are played in a friendly, informal manner but the rivalry between the teams can sometimes be fierce! As well as a team league that runs through out the year, there are also Cup and Plate competitions and a singles knock-out tournament where individual players can put their skills to the test.

If you are interested in joining the league or putting a team together, please contact us via The Norwich Bar Billiards Facebook

A game of Bar Billiards in progress. Photo courtesy of Mr D Brown

How to play Bar Billiards

If you've never played before and would like to know how then why not check out our guide to the game Bar Billiards Rules

Where to play Bar Billiards in Norwich

Find the locations of venues with Bar Billiards tables in Norwich here: Norwich Bar Billiards venues

A brief history of Norwich Bar Billiards

How many seasons has their been? How many teams? Which pubs have had tables? Find out here. A brief history of Norwich Bar Billiards