Norwich Bar Billiards

2019 Singles Tournament

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Bar Billiards Single Tournament Rules - 2019

  1. Tournament Information
    1. The Tournament Organisers for 2019 is Andrew Tomlinson.
    2. The entry fee for each person will be £2.
    3. A person may only enter themselves into the tournament.
    4. The tournament will consist of a preliminary round (numbers depending), a group stage and four knockout rounds.
    5. A frame is one game of bar billiards played to the rules of Norwich Bar Billiards.
    6. Each match is paid for by the players.
    7. Matches are to be played on 4-pin bar billiards at any of the following venues: Coach & Horses, Golden Star, King's Head, White Lion, Woolpack Yard, The Rose Inn (all Norwich) or South Walsham Village Hall (South Walsham)
  2. Group Stage Format
    1. A group match will be a race to win two frames.
    2. The group stage will consist of 16 groups of 3 players. If there are insufficient participants then an appropriate number of groups will contain only 2 players.
    3. Players will be randomly assigned into groups.
    4. Each player in a group must play one match with the two other players in the group.
    5. Whoever wins the most matches in their group will go through to the first knockout round.
    6. If all three players in a group are tied in match wins, the player with the greatest frame difference will go through to the knockout rounds.
    7. If two or more players are tied in frame difference, then whoever has the greatest score difference, in the frames played by the tying players, will go through to the knockout rounds.
    8. If two or more players are tied in score difference, then the tournament organisers will randomly select who goes through to the knockout rounds.
  3. Knockout Round Format
    1. Round One matches will be the best of 3 frames.
    2. All other knockout matches will be the best of 5 frames.
    3. The group stage winners will be entered into Round One of the knockout rounds.
    4. The winner of a match will go through to the next knockout round.
    5. If both players of a match are tied, additional frames should be played with the first player to win a frame claiming the match.
  4. Dates
    1. All matches must be organised by the players.
    2. Venues will be decided by the participants except for the finals, where no player shall have a “home advantage”. In the event that an agreement on venue cannot be reached, please contact the tournament organisers who will arrange one for you.
    3. Final date for entry is 28/01/2019.
    4. Preliminary matches and groups will be drawn 02/02/2019 at the Golden Star.
    5. All group stage matches organised by 18/02/19 and to be played by 25/02/19. If you cannot contact a player by 18/02/19, please contact the tournament organisers who will decide what action to take on that player.
    6. Round One matches must be played by 18/03/19.
    7. Quarter Final matches must be played by 01/04/19.
    8. Semi Final matches must be played by 15/04/19.
    9. The Final match will be arranged by the organisers.

Singles Tournament Round 1 Results

Round 1 Match 1 Win
David Bowerbank
Will Parker
Round 1 Match 2 Win
Stuart Theobald0
Simon Carpenter0
Round 1 Match 3 Win
Mark Mantelli0
Bob Dazzler0
Round 1 Match 4 Win
Dave Brewer0
Mick Sharpe0
Round 1 Match 5 Win
Paul Gill0
John Sappia0
Round 1 Match 6 Win
Nathan Hensely0
Andy Fidler0
Round 1 Match 7 Win
Paul Lievens0
Graham Lovick0
Round 1 Match 8 Win
Frazer Brown0
Dave Edwards0

Singles Tournament Quarter Finals Results

Quarter Final 1 Win
David Bowerbank0
Simon Carpenter0
Quarter Final 2 Win
Mark Mantelli0
Mick Sharpe0
Quarter Final 3 Win
John Sappia0
Nathan Hensely0
Quarter Final 4 Win
Graham Lovick0
Dave Edwards0

Singles Tournament Semi Finals Results

Semi Final 1 Win
Simon Carpenter0
Mick Sharpe0
Semi Final 2 Win
John Sappia0
Dave Edwards0

Singles Tournament Third Place Match Results

Third Place Win
Simon Carpenter 3rd place0
John Sappia0

Singles Tournament Final Match Results

Final Win
Mick Sharpe 2nd place0
Dave Edwards Winner0
Previous winners